We audition new members on a regular basis. Do you feel like you have what it takes to sing with us? Try it out! We love welcoming new members and making beautiful music together! 

Membership - Initial visits and participation....

    We encourage you to "sit in" with the chorus during general practice sessions and to join in the singing whenever you feel comfortable (that's how you will get the "feel" of barbershop!) Even if you are not a regular SINGER we can show you how to HARMONIZE during your first visit !!!
   Initially, we'll listen to the general tone of your voice and "voice-place" you into an appropriate singing part (we have four!). We'll then have you sit next to a member with a similar voice. IF you can SING even just a LITTLE bit (like in the shower), We (you and I) Will SING together in a QUARTET ...ON your FIRST visit!!

When you feel ready to qualify...

   Speak with our Director to make arrangements to find a time when you both can retire to a private area for a short informal (and non-threatening!) voice placement.
   Why the voice placement? A singing voice that harmonizes is the critical quality needed for barbershopping. Most individual who sing can also harmonize. However, occasionally a very fine singer may have a "solo" voice which is too distinctive to blend and harmonize. In those rare cases it's best for the individual and the chorus to discover this prior to membership.
   During the voice placement, you will be asked to demonstrate an ability to hear and repeat simple pitch patterns and to harmonize with another voice. The voice placement will also include simple checks on your aptitude for movement while singing. (Performing choruses use coordinated movements to "sell" the song; thus, ability to move while singing is important.) A successful voice placement means you are ready to start learning! Repertoire music and part-predominant CDs will then be provided to assist you to "get up to speed. YOU will very quickly have in your hand MUSIC and a Compact Disk that you can LISTEN to at Home to facilitate the learning of the SONGS.

Singing can keep you healthy....

   Because our membership is largely SENIORS we take great care to promote the things that contribute to health and longevity. Being mindful of the results of vocal fold abuse we teach that hydration is paramount to a healthy voice. We regularly engage in breathing from the diaphragm (improved lung capacity) in conjunction with our vocal warm-up exercises. These exercises are designed to contribute to vocal clarity, preciseness, durability and to aid the singer to reach his potential. The focus, cognition and emotion that accompany our songs, coupled with the social interaction within our diverse group has been shown to be a very potent force in the combating stress and depression.

   To cover the operation costs of the Chapter, the District and the Society each member of the Chapter pays dues. The dues are approximately $2 per week. There are different payment options which we will discuss when you submit you application for membership. NOTE: For new members there is also an additional one time charge of $9.


    After joining and being certified as "riser ready" to perform the repertoire with the chorus, you will be provided particulars about (1) a formal performance costume, (2) informal Big Sun Chorus clothing items, and (3) a riser placement position.

Are you ready to JOIN  the BIG SUN CHORUS?

    Click on the 'Contact Us' link in the  Menu above, fill in your name and contact information, click 'Submit' and you have started the process!!!!