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February 12,13 &14 2017


Every year the Big Sun Chorus delivers Singing Valentines all over Marion County. We love to see the reactions of the recipients to having performances delivered by a barbershop quartet. Whether its your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, partner, teacher, boss or your anonymous crush, we can tell them they've loved on this special day. The recipient of your valentine will receive 2 timeless love songs performed by a quartet, a long stem rose, a box of chocolates and a valentines card, all for the low cost of $40. Just fill in the form below, and we'll help you give your special someone an experience they will never forget. You can  now pay for your Singing Valentine with PayPal. After entering the recipients information scroll down and press the Submit button.  You will be given an opportunity to use your credit card or Pay Pal account for instant easy payment.

Please Enter the Name of the Receipent
The place where the Quartet should sing.
Only used if we can't find the recipient and we can't get hold of you to solve the problem.
Please provide a 2 hour window of when you would like the Singing Valentine delivered
The name of the person sending the Singing Valentine.
We need your email so we can clarify any details to ensure success.
Where do you live, we need this to collect payment.
The number we can reach you at if we are having a problem locating the person you want us to sing to.
Any additional information that will help us make this experience better. If the person receiving the Singing Valentine is going to receive it in an office, a contact name and number at that office is useful when we arrive at the building. It's good to have a co-conspirator at the office!